Your Guide To Winter Vintage Trends

Your Guide To Winter Vintage Trends

Some might say winter is the time to trade style for comfort, as we all try to weather the harsh mid-year chill. But at Official Vintage, there’s room for both!

When we think winter, we think more clothes and more opportunity to style it up with anything from a vintage jumper to some poppin’ socks.

And while the best bit about vintage clothing is you can say trend-schmend – here are the thrifty pieces we recommend as you rug up.

Jackets – The Bigger the Better

We wouldn’t go as far as recalling the trenchcoat’s hay days of the ‘40s, but a looong jacket is a go this winter. If we’re writing this winter’s sizing guide, we recommend sizing up. Remember, warm is cool!

Here are a few options from Official Vintage. If we could snap them up ourselves, we would!

The Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jacket (XL) is a one of a kind, go-to for a balmy upper-body. Measuring 74cm from top to bottom, that winter chill won’t know where to look. Devout Tommy fans will be eager to wear this over our long-sleeve Tommy Hilfiger Shirt (L), as mentioned down the page.

Alternatively, the Vintage Walt Disney World Jacket (L) is perfect for combatting the winter blues with some brighter shades. This lemon yellow zip-up deflects even the downest of pours with that signature Disney charm. Just like you’ve walked into a cartoon and you’re the main character.

Sweaters – Hate Zips?

Official Vintage has such a range of sweaters we’re sure there’s one for everyone waiting in store.

But to suit our favourite winter pastime – watching old movies! – we’d suggest the Space Jam Sweater (M). Picture it: The rain pours down outside while you heat 2-minute noodles in your favourite Space Jam hoodie and whack on The Land Before Time. An unlikely match made in heaven.

For those unacquainted with a cartoon rabbit playing basketball with Michael Jordan (sorry LeBron), there’s the pink Coca-Cola Sweater (S) instead. Don’t tell anyone, but this piece comes with a purpose-built cotton material to catch each drip of chicken noodle soup.

Shirts – So You’re Not Naked Under All Those Clothes

Not that you’ll want to take our sweaters and jackets off, but you’ve got to have something underneath just in case – don’t you?

For those random sunny, winter days, get your three-stripes on with our Vintage Adidas  long sleeve T-Shirt (M). It’s thick as a brick to be honest, so you’ll keep nice and warm on that dash to the shops…or the fridge.

Or perhaps you’re a petrol head and our Vintage Mercedes Benz long sleeve T-Shirt (XL) is more your speed. This navy-blue extra large will have you feeling like Lewis Hamilton, or like whoever drove for Mercedes in the ‘90s.


There’s no reason these underrated foot sleeves should go unnoticed in your winter wardrobe. Roll those pants up, hell, tuck them into your socks – we don’t care! Just show some steez with our Nike Block Colour Crew Sock Gift Pack.

Wear them up, wear them down, wear them all at once if you’re that cold (probably see a doctor there too). All we know is these poppin’ colours will keep your feet feeling fresh and your outfit even fresher. There’s nothing better than some new socks on a wintery day – we’re always up for a chat so contact us today to argue otherwise!

Winter Is Coming

Just like Jon Snow, we know how to style a fresh fit for those cold winter days.

So don’t get caught out as June creeps up. Get onto Official Vintage and warm up your wardrobe before our best pieces are snapped up!

With Free Express Shipping for orders over $80 Australia-wide, and new drops at 7am, Midday and 7pm, we’re confident in keeping everyone happy this winter.