Official Vintage: How we started a vintage clothing business

I grew up loving vintage and after spending a year living and working in Japan visiting the flea markets and thrift shops every weekend, I became obsessed with it, I learnt so much from talking to the guys running the markets and shops, my love for vintage developed into an obsession.  

Coming back to Australia there really was not a lot of vintage options around and I struggled to find good pieces at prices I could afford, my weekends were spent searching for vintage clothes in Op Shops and around Melbourne. 

In 2017 during a holiday in the UK, Stu and I spent a lot of time at the markets buying everything we could, we decided to see if we could establish a business selling vintage clothes back home in Australia, this was my dream.  We listed those first items we brought back, and they sold within minutes. 

In August, 2017 a month after returning from the UK we registered our domain and business name: Official Vintage Pty Ltd.  

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