Your Guide to Styling Vintage Jackets

Your Guide to Styling Vintage Jackets

With the autumn chill setting in around Melbourne, it's time to reach for the jackets! Other than keeping you warm, jackets are a versatile addition and probably the easiest thing to throw on to finish off an outfit. Don’t hit the shopping centres; instead shop retro, recycled and vintage. 

Offering a plethora of colour options and styles you won't find in stores, a vintage jacket is the ideal way to complement any outfit. For whatever you have planned this autumn, vintage ensures you have a piece no one else will be wearing! Vintage provides you with a look that no one can match and that’s one of the reasons why Official Vintage love recycled clothing so much. 

Statement Pieces

Vintage always makes an impact. Retro style jackets come in a range of different prints, designs, materials and colours. Sure to make a statement for any occasion, topping off your outfit with a vintage jacket is the ultimate fashion statement. 

Vintage jackets often come in bold and bright colours or designs. You can find vintage Reebok, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger and more. Coming with statement backs like a vintage Marlboro or Disney design, a bold vintage jacket is just what your wardrobe is calling for to beat the chill every year. 


Grab yourself a lightweight jacket for a dapper draped look. Chuck it around your waist or your shoulders for a street-style look that is unmatched in the fashion game. Perfect for nights out, day trips, travelling or festivals, this versatile look not only adds to your overall appearance, it's practical and convenient. 

Worn Open

Already got a killer fit? Finish it off by keeping your jacket open. Perfect for pairing with a dress and boots, an open oversized jacket provides you with a casual-cool look. Stay cute and comfy with this technique that showcases your entire look from head-to toe. 

Another open-style pairing is with a vintage tee. Try a jacket that’s on the plainer side to complement the t-shirt without taking away from it. Opt for a jacket with a similar colourway to accentuate the overall look. This can be something like a red jacket with a shirt that has embellishments of red for a coordinated style.  

Jackets at Official Vintage

Our range of vintage jackets are often filled with windbreakers and lightweight options but it varies regularly. Vintage is timeless and always provides the wearer with a look that ensures bold street-style. Invest in a jacket with a design that never goes out of fashion and won’t harm the planet in the purchase process. Check out our ample supply of vintage jackets for your next fashion moment, whatever you have planned.