Y2K Trend Comeback; Why Its Back and Bigger than Ever

Y2K Trend Comeback; Why Its Back and Bigger than Ever

Judging from the top fashion trends we’ve seen reappear in the last few years it’s easy to see how circular fashion trends are. Y2K fashion is one trend that’s come back in full force only two short decades after its first appearance. 

Vintage shorts, low rise jeans, baby tees, trucker hats and more, all these Y2K trends have come back in a majority of gen-z styles across the country. Today we’ll be taking a dive into the rival of this trend and how you can add some Y2K style into your own wardrobe without looking like you’re having a mid-life crisis. 

What is Y2K?

While other minimal styles have been popular and made continual comebacks, Y2K fashion is all about over embellishment and making a statement. Technically, Y2K covers the late ’90s and early-to-mid 2000s, so for millennials this trend captures the energy and style seen all throughout your childhood and early teen years. Y2K is the “look at me” mentality that contributed to the rise of reality TV stars encapsulated. This modern revival puts a modern-day spin on these key Y2K trends. 

Biggest Y2K Trend Comebacks

Y2K's first appearance was full of trends and key styles that have become iconic. While not all of these trends have made a comeback (like those stunning overlaid fits worn by classic Disney stars) there are a few key styles that have come back with a modern twist. 

Low Rise Jeans 

One of the sexiest Y2K looks making a splash at the moment is the tricky low-rise styles that were all the rage in the early 2000s. Influencers and celebs are putting away their old high-rise jeans for these low-rise looks. 

Velour Tracksuit Sets

It's hard not to think of a classic early 00’s era Paris Hilton in her classic matching velour tracksuit sets when someone mentions velour suits. This was a very niche trend, if you weren't wearing a Juicy Couture set then you may as not even be wearing a velour set.

While we never truly thought velvet track pants and jackets would make their way into our wardrobes unironically again, a quiet social year has resulted in us reaching for the cosiest pieces in our closet, that also gives off that maximalist diva/bad bitch vibe.

Funky Accessories

Playful accessories formed a major part of any Y2K outfit. So naturally these kitsch pieces have made a huge comeback. Whether you’re going all-out ’00s or simply want to inject the smallest hint of noughties fun into an otherwise minimal outfit, these are the kinds of accessories you need on your radar.

Where to Buy Y2K Pieces From?

If you’re looking to shop for original pieces from the era, platforms like Depop and Etsy are a treasure chest of inexpensive, authentic clothes and accessories from the last decade. Vintage stores, like Official Vintage, also have a range of Y2K pieces available for you to find if you don’t want the steep price tag associated with modern redesigns from high-end designers. 

One of the best parts is the availability of Y2K styled clothes and second-hand pieces available through vintage stores. With an influx of these styles, it means a great range is available for everyone. Visit our website or in-store to grab your next accessory to top of your trendy fit.