Worn With Love: How to Get The Most  Out Of Vintage Tees

Worn With Love: How to Get The Most Out Of Vintage Tees

If you love the look of a vintage tee but aren’t sure how to wear one yourself then stop right there. Australia may have changeable weather (and even more changeable fashion trends) but we promise a vintage tee will become one of your favourite wardrobe staples. Authentic vintage t shirts are great for dressing down a high-fashion outfit or adding a clever retro throwback into your daily look. Still unsure? Let’s run through some styling tips.

Combine with treasured basics

Whether you prefer a vintage band t-shirt or clever pop culture reference, eye-catching vintage merch always goes well with neutral basics. Fashion models like Kendall Jenner and Jeremy Meeks have put distressed t-shirts and jeans together to good effect in their street style so we know this look is a total winner. DIY this look yourself by combining a fresh vintage tee with your favourite pair of jeans and a clean-cut jacket.

Style down extravagant statement pieces

If you’re more into Vogue than street style then try adding a vintage tee to more tailored pieces. Not only is this a great high-low way to style vintage, it also works well in the office. Preppy trousers, blazers and high-end maxi skirts can all compliment a relaxed vintage t-shirt, but if you’ve been struggling to get regular wear out of one of your statement pieces (think power suits, pleated maxi skirts or anything in luxurious fabrics) then a vintage tee can help you tone down their effect for a more wearable look.

Forget about size

For some reason vintage t-shirts just look better when they’re oversized. Maybe it’s because it looks more effortless or devil-may-care…whatever the reason, oversized vintage is in fashion and spells good news for lovers of comfort. And for the ladies, you’re in luck: an oversized vintage tee also transforms into a casual mini dress. That’s beach days and hot weather covered!

Play on your fave 90’s movie

Throw it back to your favourite 90’s and 00’s film character by styling your vintage tee just like them. Julie Delpie in Before Sunset comes to mind, who wore a simple white tee under a maxi slip dress, as well as Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures who made the distressed band tee worn under a black vest totally iconic.

Keep it fresh

One of the most overlooked ways to ensure your vintage tees always look good is maintenance. Vintage tees may be made of good quality fabric that can go the distance but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after them. Keep the colour and fabric fresh by washing all your vintage pieces by hand and letting them air dry. This way you can enjoy your vintage tee for years to come.