Vintage Summer Fits

Vintage Summer Fits

Summer’s here baby and we’re here to tell you what you should be wearing for any occasion. Style those vintage shorts, jeans, crops, sweaters, skirts and accessories with ease. All we ask is that you add your own unique style to create an individual look - effortless with vintage pieces!

What to Wear to Festivals

Festival season is upon us and we couldn’t be happier after watching the world enjoy their summer while we were cooped up in lockdown! Get out those fits for a whirlwind of Aussie tunes. 

First things first; comfort! There’s nothing worse than rearranging in the portaloos while your favourite artist is playing, all because you chose the wrong outfit! You don’t need to compromise on style for comfort, just choose wisely and have a jump around before you jet off!

Keep it simple with shorts or a skirt, paired with an oversized vintage tee or crop. Complete your outfit with some worn-in Docs or other boots - because they go with everything! Boots not your vibe? Complement your look with a pair of fresh kicks. 

Summer festivals get hot during the day but often drop in temp by nightfall! Top off your outfit with a pair of cool shades and a dapper bucket hat or cap to ensure you’re sunsmart. Drape a sweater or light jacket around your waist or shoulders, ready for when the chill hits. 

Family & Work Event Outfit Ideas

Summer means seeing the family! Whether you love ‘em or not, you probably still need to make an appearance. 

Casual Christmas with the fam? From a vintage tee to a flowy dress - wear whatever you want! Something a bit more smart to impress granny? Pop on a polo for a smart-casual look that still feels like you! Pair this collared-shirt with some denim for a simple yet comfy look. 

If it’s a work party that’s got you stressin’, make a statement with a brightly coloured vintage 80s shirt. Complement this stylish look with some jeans or a skirt and boots. With a look this bold, you’re sure to be the life of the party - might even score you a promotion!   

Casual Occasion Styling

From brunch dates with your friends to Sunday sippies with the lads, Official Vintage has you covered. 

Dress to impress with a collared shirt under a vintage sweater. Pair this with a mini skirt or jeans for a preppy look. Top it off with a bucket and some mini-shades for a steezy vibe. Too hot for a sweater? Try an oversized tee and mini skirt or vintage shorts. Complement this look with a cap and some sneaks and quarter socks. 

Whatever the occasion, summer and vintage are the ultimate vibe! Create your own tailored style with unique pieces from Official Vintage and other thrift stores. Can’t decide? Let our mystery boxes choose your next fit!