Vintage Clothing Is Having A Moment  And We Hope It Lasts

Vintage Clothing Is Having A Moment And We Hope It Lasts

Melbourne is famous for its vintage fashion arcades and boutique stores. Melbournians regularly frequent the famous Nicholas building for vintage clothing, trawl Prahran’s vintage boutiques or shop at their local op-shop. We all want that perfect vintage piece and while Vintage clothing has always been popular in Melbourne, it’s having something of a second wave revival of late. 

This isn’t just a local trend either, vintage clothing stores have hit the high streets in both London and New York as well. Fashion is slowing down and savvy shoppers are no longer interested in fast fashion short-use pieces. Vintage clothing has stood the test of time and has the extra benefit of being sustainable. 

However, with lockdown measures still in place, the fashion industry has had to shift to the online world - and so have the vintage boutiques. The revived interest in vintage fashion has been so immense that last year a study showed that 64% of women are now willing to wear recycled clothing, compared to just 45% of women in the previous year. 

This is thanks in no small part to stores like Official Vintage that curate good-quality vintage collections on online stores. Whether you want a 90s hoodie, or a designer jacket from the 80s, or a dress first worn by a famous supermodel, vintage fashion appeals to everyone. 

Apart from looking good, these our the top reasons why vintage clothing is a thing of the past AND the future: 

Instead of Being INSPIRED By Past Trends, Just Wear Them?! 

Fashion trends mine the past for inspiration, so why not just cop the real deal instead? High end design teams regularly reference moments in history and bygone eras. This drives the incentive to find the original items and style them in a personal way. You can reference your favourite periods of history or fashion icons with the original look.

Vintage clothing is unique

Vintage clothing is not mass produced so you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing the same outfit on the street. When you invest in vintage clothing you are buying something one-off and unique to you. All materials age differently too, so even two very similar vintage t-shirts are going to be different.

Vintage clothing is kinder to the environment

When you wear vintage clothing you’re technically re-using a garment. As such, the vintage movement reduces our dependence on seasonal fashion and unnecessary clothing going to landfill. We don’t need anymore of the harmful chemicals and dyes that go into making fast fashion either! So thank you for going vintage!

Vintage clothing is a mindset

Connected to the environment is a mindset of quality over quantity. Vintage clothing was made to last a lifetime, not a season. You hone your own signature style by investing in pieces that are unique and built to last. 

At Official Vintage, we bring vintage clothing, t-shirts and jackets to your fingertips via our online store.

You can start building your vintage clothing collection and sustainable wardrobe from home, starting with one of our sell-out tees.