The Inevitable Return of Trucker Hats Is Here and We’re Not Disappointed!

The Inevitable Return of Trucker Hats Is Here and We’re Not Disappointed!

You would’ve seen this trend sweep through the early 00’s, Von Dutch hats worn by Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan with her ‘drama queen’ cap at MTV VMA’s. We all know fashion is circular so it’s no surprise to see these vintage hats popping back up in current streetwear. 

If you weren't around in the glorious fashionable years that were the early 2000’s, don’t stress. We’ll be going over all the basics and why these hats are coming back bigger than ever. 

How Did This Trend Start?

Trucker hats originally became a stylish accessory back in the late 2000’s as a part of the ‘sleasecore’ trend that was storming across the globe. Like the name suggests this trend was made of clothing that was baggy, informal, and sometimes unfashionable that made people look like a schlub. It was iconic in its multilayering and pattern clashing that could be seen among many celebrities in that decade. 

Although this “sleasecore” trend hasn’t come back (thankfully) trucker hats have. We’ve seen celebrities like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna flaunting these accessories in a very stylish way, bringing them back better than anyone could have imagined. 

With the Tik Tok hashtag #Y2K hitting almost 2 billion views in the last year alone it's not just the trucker hat that’s seen a return but a few other early aughties trends, some of these people aren't so psyched to see back- did someone say low rise jeans? But for the most part these trends are being fully embraced, their styling melding together the 2000’s with modern trends. 

How Can I Modernly Style a Trucker Hat?

If you’re ready to fully embrace the 2000’s in your closet here are a few styling tips to make sure you're creating a modern outfit with a retro twist, not the other way round.  

  • Styling your hat with some baggy sweats or jeans is a great option. It’s a simple way to twist the popular clothing silhouettes we’ve seen come in the last year. 
  • Change up the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’ with some low rise jeans, a baby tee and a trucker hat to really take a step back in time, while still looking modern and chic. 
  • If you’ve got a cute little tennis skirt, think about matching it all together with a similar coloured hat and even a Y2K inspired baguette bag. Using the same colours or similar shades can really make it look well put together.  
  • As single shoulder tops and dresses are becoming more popular, you could easily add a trucker hat to really make a statement in your fit. This would go great with low rise pants, jeans or a cute little skirt.

Although some people might not be looking forward to these trends re-emerging, they’re here to stay. The beauty of this nostalgic trend’s return is how it brings people together and symbolises a moment in fashion where comfort reigns supreme and looking “tacky” isn’t a concern. Something that we’ve seen appear in a lot of other trends due to the pandemic. 

One of the best parts is the availability of Y2K styled clothes and second hand pieces available through vintage stores. With an influx of these styles, it means a great range is available for everyone. Visit our website or in-store to grab your next accessory to top of your trendy fit.