The Best Vintage Cap Designs

The Best Vintage Cap Designs

From its very beginning as a baseball team’s ballcap in the 1840s, the cap has risen in popularity, now known as the casual crown of the everyday man. Being one of the most popular vintage hats purchased, with everyone scrambling to get their hands on the best designs and styles on the market. Not sure where to start when finding the right design for you? Take a look at our list for the top vintage cap designs available. 

Sports Teams

Seeing as baseball is the birthplace of the cap, it comes as no surprise that it is still one of the most popular designs you can purchase. Over the years, other sports teams have thrown their hats into the ring, with basketball, football, hockey, and many more producing their own cap logos. American teams in particular have the best designs, with the entire culture associating their sports with caps instinctively, leading to a large array of fashionable designs available. Vintage caps from the 80s and 90s are the trendiest vintage sports cap to grab, with the 80s bright block colours and the 90s memorable fonts setting you apart from the crowd. You don’t even need to follow the team or the sport to wear one of these, with many vintage varieties seen outside of the stadium in a range of everyday activities.   


One of the key reason’s individuals purchase vintage attire is for nostalgic ephemera. Surrounding yourself with a museum of mementoes that stimulate more feeling compared to basic apparel. Disney is one of the most sentimental designs around, with the majority of people purchasing these caps having grown up watching Disney. Giving them a strong link to the cartoons and characters displayed on the colourful caps. Grab a classic mickey mouse cap or even a looney tunes design that your inner child will cherish!


Initially founded as a footwear producer, Nike has risen in the ranks to become one of the leading companies in the sportswear industry. Producing a range of shoes, clothes, and hats that feature the iconic Nike tick! Over the years, Nike’s popularity grew due to its celebrity endorsements, including Michael Jordan, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott, and by skilfully collaborating with them have created their world-renowned fashion brand’s ongoing style. These days, vintage Nike is even more popular than recently produced merchandise, with the vintage Nike caps having an edge and history compared to the freshly made varieties. Grab your vintage Nike cap today to become a part of this widespread trend!

Pop Culture

Pop Culture goes hand in hand with vintage clothes, seen as a rose-tinted, commercialized interpretation of references in old styles. Past decades such as the 70s, 80s, and 90s all make regular appearances in the vintage cap world, with logos, advertisements, tv shows, characters and more all brought back under the ‘pop culture’ classification. Giving consumers some individuality with obscure references that not everyone will understand. Seen as an aspirational and nostalgic style among young people, even if they didn’t grow up during that decade. 

Hard Rock Café

You might not know the name Alan Aldridge, but you will certainly know of his work. Being the legendary designer behind the ever-popular Hard Rock Café logo. This popular chain restaurant stumbled onto its million-dollar fashion production in 1974, when Hard Rock threw its support behind a local football team and gave out basic white t-shirts with their iconic logo. After this initial success, they began to do it regularly, offering family-friendly merchandise at their restaurants. Over time, Hard Rock’s legendary merchandising section became so popular, it became its own business. The Hard Rock Café’s symbol has become one of the most produced logos in the world, with vintage styles constantly sold across the world. 

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