Rave Fashion in 2022

Rave Fashion in 2022

If you’re a festival-goer, seasoned doofer, club kid or EDM lover, your wardrobe is probably already full of rave fashion. For the newbies and/or fashionistas, rave fashion will be all rage in 2022. Boasting bright colours, loud graphics and exciting designs, rave style is one you should be adding to your repertoire. Whether you’re heading to a festival, event or just want to amp up your style for IG, Vintage clothing stores, Melbourne wide are the ideal place to shop for your next rave look.

What are the Origins of Rave Fashion?

Evolving significantly in recent years, rave fashion originated in the early 1990s and continued through to the early 2000s. Starting in LA with influences in hip hop culture, rave fashion boomed everywhere and it's back for 2022! With the rise in Y2K fashion, there was no doubt club kid wear would make its way back around. 

What is Rave Fashion?

With the likes of cropped tanks and tees, platform sneakers and boots, beads, loud makeup styles, pigtails, space buns, coloured hair, pastels, bright colours, caps, bucket hats, headbands and so much more, with the club kid look, pretty much anything goes. With fast fashion getting their hooks into anything that’s on trend, we have seen a boom in holographic pieces and strappy tops in these stores. This evolution of rave fashion has altered the original club kid look with a modern take that's still fitting to this style but adds a hefty price to our planet. Ensuring you add your own vibe and flair, vintage fashion makes creating a rave look easy, without adding to your carbon footprint. 

How to Style Rave Fashion

The club kid look is one of the easiest to style as pretty much any piece suits. Add some colour, funky items and bold hairstyles to make anything work in this adaptable style. 

Retro Tees with Fun Graphics

Vintage and retro tees are perfect for styling rave fashion. With their loud graphics featuring funny sayings and bold colours, a vintage tee ticks all the club kid fashion boxes. Wear an oversized tee on its own and pair it with some chunky boots and fishnets or cut it into a crop and pair it with baggy pants. Add some 90s beaded pieces and some funky hairstyles to complete the look. Check out Official Vintage’s range of vintage t-shirts to add to your collection. 

Loud Hats

Top off any outfit with a funky vintage hat. Rave fashion calls for buckets and caps in striking and bold designs and Official Vintage has a massive range to complement any fit. 

Vintage Jackets

Events and festivals get cold at night. Add to your club kid look with a proper rave jacket. Boasting bright colours and cool designs, Official Vintage has your jacket needs covered. Pair with anything from miniskirts to baggy pants and jeans for a true 90s raver vibe. 


Finish off your look with a mask! Due to the pandemic, masks are part of everyday attire, but rave culture has included them for years. Avoiding dust and pollutants, the mask also adds a touch of mystery and depth to your rave attire. 

Helping you create your own unique style, there is nothing more rare than a vintage fit. Step out in true raver style with Official Vintage.