how to style vintage jackets

How to Style Vintage Jackets for Winter Fashion

As the days of winter are approaching, there are a few staple clothing items we recommend to tackle the colder months.

Vintage jackets aren't just about keeping warm; it's about showcasing your personal style and flair. Whether you’re breathing new life into an old classic or finding a unique piece that stands out, this guide will help you wear and style vintage jackets with confidence.


Why Vintage Jackets Never Go Out of Style

Vintage jackets are more than garments; they're a connection to past decades of fashion innovation and expression. Their unique designs and quality materials allow them to withstand the test of time both in style and durability (especially important for winter).

From rugged leather bombers to classic denim jackets, each piece tells a story. What’s more, they bring an eco-friendly fashion choice by recycling and reusing existing clothing, reducing waste and environmental impact.


Styling Vintage Jackets for Winter Weather

Winter demands layers, and vintage jackets are perfect for creating versatile, cosy, and stylish outfits.


A Pop of Colour

Winter wardrobes don't have to be dreary. A brightly coloured vintage windbreaker or a boldly patterned retro jacket can break the monotony of greys and blacks typically worn during the season. These vibrant pieces not only can lift your mood but also transform your look from ordinary to eye-catching. Household names like Adidas and Nike always provide colourful styles to suit your personal taste.


Oversized Fits for Layering

The oversized jacket trend is perfect for winter layering. A large denim jacket or an oversized bomber provides ample space to layer sweaters and hoodies underneath without sacrificing your comfort. 


Accessorising with Vintage Pieces

Pairing vintage jackets with modern accessories like beanies, caps, and scarves can blend old and new elements seamlessly. Accessories are not just practical for the cold but also serve as focal points for your outfit.


Identifying Quality Vintage Jackets

When shopping for vintage, the quality of the garment is paramount. Look for well-preserved pieces with little to no damage. Check the seams, buttons, and zippers for durability. Fabrics should still be vibrant and robust, and any signs of wear or age should add character without diminishing functionality.


Where to Buy Vintage Jackets This Winter

As the demand for vintage clothing grows, so does the availability. Here at Official Vintage, we have a wide variety of vintage jackets to keep you cosy this winter. Shop from brands such as Nautica, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger and more.