How to Flip Your Thrift Shop Finds

How to Flip Your Thrift Shop Finds

Have you ever been browsing through a second-hand store or thrift shop and found the perfect sweater or pair of vintage shorts that looked cute or had a lovely pattern, but it wouldn't fit you? While this may happen a lot when second-hand shopping, it doesn't mean your options are limited. 

One of the best things about thrift shopping is that you have the creative freedom to turn a piece of clothing into something else so you can wear it as a cohesive look with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Today we'll be going over some thrift flip ideas that you can use on some second-hand pieces that have been sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe. 

What is Thrift Flipping?

Thrift flipping is similar to the terms you may see thrown around on real estate reality shows. "Flipping" refers to a bought piece of property that has had significant work done to it to bring it up to today's standards before selling it off at a higher price mark. 

While some peoples' definition of thrift flipping solely means making more money off the item than you originally paid for it, thrift flipping could also refer to shopping in your own closet and upcycling clothing to give them new life.

Thrift Flip Upcycling Ideas

1-Turn a Sweater into a Bag

An old cable-knit sweater (or any sweater, really) can be easily transformed into a reusable shopping bag. First, simply cut the sweater into a tote-bag shape by cutting out the neckline in a "U" shape and cutting off the sleeves as well. Then, sew the two sides of the tote together, with the option to add a base fabric inside to protect your sweater fabric, and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind reusable shopping bag!


If you've found a cute top that you no longer wear or have some leftover clothing fabric from another thrift flip you've made, you can easily use it to make some scrunchies. 

You'll need some elastic and a sewing machine for this one, but once you've got the process down, you'll be charging through and making some gorgeous scrunchies for all your friends. 

3-Add Some Patterns for a Personalised Look

Using embroidery or fabric paint can be a great way to personalise your clothes. 

If your thrift find has any stains or holes, you can easily embroider a pattern of your choice over the top to cover any damage and create a cute and unique look. All you need is a needle, thread, and embroidery hoop, and you're ready to go. If you're stuck on what pattern to choose, just look up some hopeful tutorials for all the info you need. 

Another simple idea that gained a lot of popularity in the last few years is painting your jeans. You can use fabric paint or acrylic paint to personalise the pockets of your jeans or to go over any stains that might have already been there, or just add some colour to your second-hand finds. This can again create a personalised and individual design that reflects your style perfectly. 

There are so many more options for you to explore, from turning your old jeans into a denim skirt to various crop tops designs, bucket hats and more. Second-hand shopping can give you affordable freedom to create the clothes you need. 

We hope that these thrift flip ideas have inspired you to repurpose your old thrift finds or clothes. If you're looking for a unique supply of second-hand clothes perfect as is or for a little DIY transformation, visit our website today.