Get Your Fashion Basics with Vintage

Get Your Fashion Basics with Vintage



Now that global fashion brands are going seasonless, it has become just as trend setting to wear vintage as something brand new. Abandoning notions of spring/summer, autumn/winter, cruise and pre-fall style means we are free to wear what works for us, rather than blindly following trends. Functionality and comfort have become buzz words. Seasonless fashion puts greater emphasis on lasting style, rather than one season fads. This is why enduring vintage clothing is now being seen everywhere from cat walks to department stores.

Here in Melbourne we have been quick to adopt vintage style by curating our fashion looks from timeless collector pieces. If you have walked down the street recently and thought that sweater, or that jacket looks familiar, it could be because it was popular back in the 90's. Vintage sportswear, varsity style jackets and oversized tees are being mixed with more recent trends for a contemporary twist on the past - that is both on trend and good for the planet. Vintage clothing Australia is built to last rather than go into landfill. So even if you usually prefer recycled fabric or organic material, designer vintage is one way to add a classic pop culture reference into your wardrobe and remain sustainable.

Let’s look at some of the most timeless pieces that could become the new ‘basics’ in your wardrobe:

Minimal tees
A laid back t-shirt is a staple in any sustainable wardrobe but did you know you can get your new t-shirt fix by going vintage? Whether you want an interesting print, designer logo, band artwork or sports reference, there’s a vintage tee for everyone. But if maximal details aren’t your thing there are plenty of simple minimalistic tees to choose from. Take our vintage Atlanta 1996 t-shirt as a case in point.

Classic denim
Vintage Levi’s and Guess jeans have been trending for a while now because of their great quality and fit, but the newest thing is vintage denim jackets. Not only are they classic but the cut and fit is perfect. Slouchy yet tailored, a vintage denim jacket goes well with any tee, black jeans or leggings. We love this acid wash Levi jacket and this graphite Calvin Klein denim jacket.

Sailing shorts
American prep style is comfortable and effortless, but the prep styles produced in the 80’s and 90’s were by far the best. Featuring clever colour blocking in eye catching shades, vintage sailing shorts from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica have stood the test of time. It would be hard to tell that these vintage sailing shorts at all, which just goes to prove their timeless appeal. Pick up your own vintage sailing gear with these Tommy Hilfiger Sailing Shorts or these vintage Nautica shorts.