vintage Harley Davidson shirts

Banish The Band Tee The Harley Is Here

No wardrobe is complete without great vintage Harley Davidson shirts. If you’re looking to feel a little more badass, it’s pretty easy - throw on one of our vintage Harley Davidson tees. These babies are making a big come back with celebrities such as Rihanna wearing these t-shirts on repeat.  Karen Davidson, the creative director of general merchandise for Harley Davidson has said they don’t pay these celebs to wear their clothes “They just get picked up by their stylists.” Authenticity is what appeals to their customers. The same can be also said about Official Vintage, where we offer a wide variety of authentic vintage, retro clothing for anyone who loves to express their own personal style and stand out from the crowd. There are key points to keep in mind when purchasing your t-shirts. Authenticity is important as is quality, fit and care (And we have ‘em all). For first time purchasers of our popular Harley t-shirts allow us to take you through what you need to know. 

Forget About Size 

When it comes to vintage shirts sizing is really a personal choice. Got your eye on one of ours that’s too big? Great! Harley Davidson shirts can look better oversized. This is great news for lovers of comfort dressing. Style these oversized tees with bike shorts, distressed denim shorts and trainers. And ladies, these can double as a mini dress for those casual beach days.

Looking at a style that’s too small? That's okay too! Wear your vintage tee ‘90s supermodel style. Think high waisted jeans with an oversized blazer and retro shades to top it off. 

Where To Wear

These vintage tees are nifty, versatile items that can be worn any time, any place. Well, at least most of the time and most places. It’s easy to hang out in these shirts all weekend with jeans and trainers. Here comes the fun part, have you tried wearing them to the office? Tuck in your Harley t-shirt into your black pants and wear a tailored jacket. These t-shirts are great for the office and creates a more wearable work look. Throw on your Harley Davidson t-shirt with your favourite skirt or pants and you’re good to go on your next dinner date. Still not sure? A vintage t-shirt looks great with basics such as a trench coat, classic blue jeans and boots. 

Take Care

No matter how cool the shirt no-one wants the stale smell of a pre-loved tee. At Official Vintage our clothes are checked, cleaned and steamed before sale. Most vintage T-shirts will be perfect to run through your usual wash, but clothes do require a little extra care as they age. It’s a good idea to wash well-worn shirts or those with detailing by hand using a small amount of detergent. Remember the older the style, the more care you should take. Make sure to keep them in a dry space away from direct sunlight. If you prefer to hang your tees, opt for padded hangers to ensure no stretch marks occur on the shoulders. 

Hooked on the idea of a Harley shirt now? Stay up to date with our latest and greatest online and through instagram. All of our pieces are hand picked one offs so best be quick.